April 29, 2018

Meet Our Podiatrist

Dr. Fanelly

In honor of National Foot Health Awareness Month in April, we are proud to feature our caring Podiatrist, Dr. John M. Fanelly, DPM. Cherished by our residents for his amazing bedside manner and sense of humor, Dr. Fanelly has been providing truly excellent foot care to Oakwood seniors for over 15 years.

To prevent complications, Dr. Fanelly treats abrasions, wounds, foot, ankle and heel pain, as well as trauma and ingrown nails. He writes prescriptions to treat infections and orders x-rays when necessary. Visiting regularly to take care of corns and calluses, as well as painful mycotic nails (nails that are yellow and thick with fungus), Dr. Fanelly’s presence is always a welcome sight.

Tips for foot care from Dr. Fanelly: • Check your feet for any redness, broken skin or wounds. • Always wash and dry your feet thoroughly, especially in between the toes. • Wear properly fitting and comfortable shoes. A graduate from NY College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Fanelly completed his residency at James C. Giuffre Medical Center in Philadelphia.