April 23, 2018

Up Close & Personal With

Lenny Saulevics

Lenny, a beloved resident at Oakwood since September 2016, was born in the Baltic State of Latvia in 1945. He arrived in America at the age of 8 and settled in a farm in North Carolina with his parents. The small family later moved to Pennsylvania where his father worked for Bell Telephone.

Lenny takes enormous pride in the home he, himself, built for his family – from foundation to roof. With no formal education as an engineer, and no assistance whatsoever from contractors, that home is a source of cherished memories for Lenny’s children.
Lenny married Darlene in the early seventies and raised a family together with her that included Judy, a child from Lenny’s first marriage, Brian and his sister Tracy.

His son Brian lovingly describes Lenny as a great dad who spent time with his children – from working in the garage to fishing, and as a stern yet loving father who raised him to be a good person and taught him what it means to be a man.

An avid traveler with a penchant for western movies and a declared fan of Clint Eastwood, Lenny is happiest in the company of his children. Having arrived at the end of WWII and succeeding to build a beautiful family and home in this country, Lenny embodies the American Dream.