October 19, 2018

Up Close & Personal With

Michael Foley

Michael Foley transferred to our community after recuperating next door at Oakwood Healthcare. Easygoing and likeable, Mike exudes an especially positive and upbeat spirit that draws people close to him.

Born and bred in Philadelphia, Mike knows the area neighborhoods like the back of his hand. In fact, as a postman for the Bustleton Post Office for 32 years, his mail route included the Oakwood Residence address at 2109 Red Lion Road. Prior to his long stint as a mail carrier, he was employed as a drug purchaser for the Frankford Hospital pharmacy.

18 years old by the Vietnam War draft call-up, his draft lottery number was #5! After taking the requisite blood tests, Mike received a life-changing call. The lab results had shown that his blood sugar level was dangerously high, and the doctor wanted to know why he had even considered joining the army. Mike, who had no inkling of his diabetic condition, received a medical exemption, enabling him to seek the medical attention necessary to effectively manage his health.

A devoted dad to his daughter Kellie, Mike was always there to hold her hand during her years growing up. He helped her hone her softball techniques and was an avid spectator cheering her on at every game. He volunteered as the coach of the swim team at Christ School – the school she attended, and when she was 10 years old, Kellie and her father jogged in the 5k Race for Frankford Hospital. The duo practiced running nightly for weeks prior to that event. Today Kellie lives in Bucks County with her 2 sons, ages 10 and 5. When she brings the kids to visit her dad at Oakwood, you can see Mike’s eyes light up. They enjoy talking sports – a common love that bridges the generations. Whether its baseball, basketball or football, these men can go at it for hours!