April 8, 2018

Up Close With Resident Artist

Inge April

The Positive Energy of Inge
Ingeborg, known to all as Inge, was born in Wuerzburg, Germany and came to the United States in 1950.

She began painting on silk at the young age of sixty and is now eighty-seven years young, and a resident at Oakwood. Her room is awash in color with her magnificent paintings adorning the walls.

Inge is most happy when she is painting on silk. Her silk paintings are energetic and expressionistic. She swirls and layers her brushstrokes of paint creating colorful silk compositions. A recurring main theme for her work is ‘positive energy’ and ‘world peace for all’.

Most of her artwork is framed to hang on the wall or to be displayed on easels. She takes pride in creating wearable artwork as well – such as her various sized scarves, ties and pins. Inge was an original member of Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She had her studio there and was an annual featured artist for several years.